Parents’ prayer

Although we can try to develop character in our children through various methods and programs, only God can bring about permanent change in a child’s heart. Before you begin leading your children through this Easter lesson, spend time alone with God interceding for His help. If you wish, you can use the following prayer.

Sample prayer

Lord Jesus, I bring my children to You. Please welcome them as You did the children in the New Testament saying, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these” (Mark 10:14). I ask You to call them by name, inviting them to follow You. You praised Your Father, because He hid truths from the wise and learned and revealed them to little children (Matthew 11:25). Remove any hindrances that are preventing ________ and ________ (name each of your children) from drawing close to You and teach them Your truth as You did Your first disciples. When I tell my children the wonderful news of the Easter story, may they be eager to hear from You, as people were when You taught them on the mountainside so many years ago.

May ________ and ________ hunger and thirst for You and Your righteousness more than they crave the pleasures this world has to offer. I ask You to satisfy them with the peace and joy of Your nearness so that they are “filled” (Matthew 5:6).

Please teach my children to be “poor in spirit” – quick to recognize the sin in their lives and their own inability to get rid of it (Matthew 5:3,6). Let them see how much their sin hurts You and others and give them the humility they need to be truly sorry about their wrongdoings. May they be eager to have You wash away their sin. I want them to experience the blessing of those who are pure in heart – the joy of being forgiven so they can be close enough to You to “see” You (Matthew 5:8).

I pray that ________ and ________ will choose to be peacekeepers so they can be called Your sons and daughters (Matthew 5:9). May they be meek – willing to give up having their own way to follow Your way instead. As they do, I ask You to bless them with the peace that accompanies living in right relationship with You and with others (Matthew 5:5).

May my children recognize that it is an honour to suffer for their faith in You and may they take joy in any insults or persecution they face for choosing to live righteously. And finally, I pray that ________’s and ________’s righteousness will shine gently and brightly, bringing praise to You, and their Father in heaven (Matthew 5:16). Amen.