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You don’t need exotic or expensive props to reinforce what your children are learning about obedience. These options will help you create “memorable moments” using materials you have on hand. Choose one or two activities that will fit your schedule.

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  • “Flopped” cookies

    Fun with food

    Make two batches of oatmeal cookies. (The first one will flop, but it makes good ice cream topping.)

    Discussion point: The importance of obeying God, and your parents.

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  • A beary important lesson

    Any time, Drama / Role play

    Share a story about a disobedient bear cub.

    Discussion point: Just as Mama Bear teaches her cubs survival rules, parents also teach rules that keep kids safe.

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  • Celebrating obedience

    Fun with food

    Plan a meal or snack where all the food is shaped like an “O,” then make a poster that says, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

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  • Follow the leader

    Physical activity

    Play the traditional game of Follow the Leader.

    Discussion point: Since we are followers of Jesus, we try to live like Jesus did, following His example.

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  • Going on an “O” hunt

    Drive time

    Look for “Os” in traffic signs, and sing, “Going on an O Hunt.”

    Discussion point: Just as traffic signs keeps us safe, God’s rules keep us safe and at peace.

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  • Mom says / Dad says

    Physical activity

    Play a modified version of Simon Says by replacing the phrase “Simon says” with “Mom says” or “Dad says.”

    Goal: Have fun reinforcing obedience.

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  • Oh joy!

    Any time

    Set aside some special “one-on-one” time to spend with each child.

    Discussion point: Let your child know they bring you joy when they are obedient.

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  • Precious obedience

    Any time, Drive time

    Discuss which would please parents more: Giving up fabulous food (alternatively, loads of toys), or obeying their instructions.

    Discussion point: 1 Samuel 15:22, “To obey is better than sacrifice.”

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  • Shining for Jesus

    Science with a twist

    Stage two attempts to clean pennies with a salt and vinegar solution. (The first fails by not following instructions).

    Discussion point: The Holy Spirit helps us obey God’s instructions.

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  • The “Os” have it

    Creative crafts, Fun with food

    Decorate a special jar, then reward each act of obedience with Cheerios® or Fruit Loops®.

    Goal: Build a habit of obedience, and realize obedience brings blessing.

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