Kick-off craft

Plan to do this kick-off craft early in your lesson on revering God. You will work together to make a poster showing God as creator, sovereign, eternal, all-present and all-powerful. You may want to complete your poster over several sessions rather than trying to complete it all at once.

Greatness of God poster

Before we can really revere God, we need to understand who He is. As you make this poster together, you’ll help your children understand that:

  • God is the Creator – He made the whole world and everything in it
  • God never changes – He was always here and always will be
  • God is all knowing, all powerful and all seeing
  • God alone is holy and perfect.

You will need the following supplies:

  • three sheets of thick poster paper: one black, one white and one blue
  • glue
  • yellow paper
  • green paper or lightweight green fabric
  • a picture of your family
  • star-shaped stickers
  • a small rock or pebble
  • a small chunk of playdough
  • pictures from magazines showing animals and sets of human eyes.

Here’s how to make your poster:

God is eternal; He was here before the earth was created

  1. Begin by laying the black piece of poster board on a table to represent the earth when it was formless and empty.
  2. Read Genesis 1:1-2 and Psalm 102:25-27, then work through the following questions:
Questions for discussion
  • Who created the earth?
  • Does our poster show anyone walking around?
  • Do you see any plants or animals?
  • Do you see the sun or the moon?
  • Do you see anything at all?
  • The earth was black and empty, but Who does the Bible tell us was there?

God made the earth, the land and the sea; there is no end to His existence

  1. Read Genesis 1:3-8.
  2. Cut the white poster in half. Glue half of it over the black poster paper so there is a black half and a white half to your poster. The black half represents night and the white half represents daytime.
  3. Read Genesis 1:9-10.
  4. Cut a large circle out of the blue poster paper and paste it at the centre of your poster. This blue circle represents the water covering the whole earth.
  5. Next, help your children cut a variety of shapes out of the green paper to represent land. Glue your land masses within the blue circle.
  6. Read Revelation 22:13, then follow the questions for discussion.
Questions for discussion
  • Can you find the place where our blue circle of water starts or ends?
  • How is God like the circle?
  • Can you see God?
  • Who created the land and the sky?
  • Do you see any people yet?
  • Do you see anything else?
  • Who was here before any living creatures?

God made all living creatures, including people

  1. Read Genesis 1:11-19.
  2. Cut out the shape of a sun and glue it to the daytime side of your poster.
  3. Now cut out a yellow moon and glue it to the night side of your poster.
Questions for discussion
  • Which two great lights did God make?
  • Which side of the poster should we put the moon on?
  • Where should we put the sun?
  • Did God make anything green?
  • Do you see any people yet?
  • Do you see anything else?
  1. Read Genesis 1:20-27.
  2. Now it’s time to add a picture of your family and a few creatures. (As your lesson on reverence progresses you will add other elements of God’s creation to your poster.)
Questions for discussion
  • Where can we find a picture of you to add to the earth?
  • What’s your favourite animal? Let’s see if we can find a picture of one to add to the earth.
  • Did God make something that can live in the water?
  • What kind of animal would you like to add to the water and to the sky?

God is everywhere; He sees everything, and He is incredibly powerful.

  1. Read Proverbs 15:3 and Jeremiah 23:24.
  2. Cut out a number of pairs of eyes and add them around the perimeter of the earth.
  3. Cut out or colour a picture to represent your home and add it to your poster.
  4. Read Isaiah 40:26.
  5. Add star stickers to your poster to remind you that God is all-powerful.
  6. Read Deuteronomy 32:4.
  7. Pass around the playdough and the rock, and let your kids decide which is easiest to mould and change.
  8. Lastly, glue or tape the small rock to your poster to remind you that God is “solid” and unchanging.
  9. Write your memory verse on your poster.
Questions for discussion
  • Can you see the air?
  • Where is the air?
  • Can you go somewhere where there is no air? (There is air underwater, but not in a form that humans can breathe.)
  • Where is God?
  • Can you hide from God?
  • How big is a star?
  • Did you know that stars are bigger and much heavier than a mountain?
  • Can you lift our house? Who can?
  • Whose great power and mighty strength keeps the stars in the sky?

During your lesson on reverence, make a point of admiring God’s creation and adding that aspect of nature to the poster. For example, if you are out on a walk, draw your children’s attention to flowers, a butterfly or interesting cloud patterns, then add pictures of these elements to your poster when you get home.