Kick-off craft

The poster suggested here will help remind your children to practice self-control. The theme is based on 1 Peter 5:8: “Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around looking for someone to devour.”

A self-control poster

  • Help your children draw or trace a picture of a lion on the poster.
  • Next have your children place their hands over the lion and trace around their hands.
  • Write the memory verse of your choice on the poster.
  • Use the poster as a reminder that the best way to defeat Satan when he tries to devour us is to pray.
  • Review the questions for discussion below to enhance your children’s understanding of the concepts.

Throughout the day, encourage your children to clasp their hands together tightly when they feel like they are going to lose self-control. Have them come to you so you can help them pray. Explain that Satan is strong like a lion, but we can be stronger than Satan when we go to God for help. Just as the tracing of their hands covers the lion, they can be stronger than the temptation Satan sends when they are full of the Holy Spirit. Tell your children that putting their hands together will help remind them to talk to God and ask for His help in maintaining self-control. At these times, you may also select a kids talk with God prayer to pray with your children.

Questions for discussion
  • Could you win in a fight against a real lion?
  • Who could help you and how?
  • Who does the Bible say is like a lion?
  • Why does the Bible say you need to be alert?
  • How does Satan try to devour you?
  • How can you beat Satan when he is acting like a lion?