Speak a blessing

Use this section as a reminder to “speak a blessing” when you see your son or daughter growing in the area of in self-control.

  • Good job using self-control, ________!
  • I see that ________ is self-controlled.
  • I’m proud to see you’re solving your problem using words instead of actions, ________.
  • You kept the walls of your city intact, ________. Good job! (Proverbs 25:28)
  • I’m proud you went to God for help in using self-control, ________. I see that the Holy Spirit is living in you, because I see your self-control. ________, Jesus is proud of you and so am I.
  • I’m glad you used a Bible verse to fight off temptation. It feels so much better to deal with a problem using self-control than losing it, doesn’t it, ________?