Terrific traffic

Physical activity

How good are your kids at obeying the rules of the road? Build some cardboard cars and find out!

Discussion point: God’s rules and parents’ rules keep you safe. It makes sense to cooperate by obeying them.

In this activity, you will work with your children to build an indoor “roadway” where they can practice safe “driving.” You will need coloured paper, markers, scissors, glue, tape, rope and chairs.

  • Using red and white paper, make “yield” signs and “stop” signs. Also make a “slow” sign similar to those that traffic controllers use during road construction. Place white paper strips across your roadway to mark a pedestrian crossing and add a pedestrian crossing sign.
  • Next, with the help of your children, set up a roadway by placing rope (or another indicator) on the floor. Be sure to include intersections where cars have to stop or yield. Tape the appropriate signs on chairs beside the road.
  • Help each child make a pretend car to drive. These can be either simple or elaborate. For example, you can tape a picture of your child’s preferred car onto their shirt, or make a car out of a cardboard box that is large enough for a child to wear over their body. Cut head and arm holes and allow your child to decorate it.
  • Begin by having your children follow you along the road listening to your directions on how to obey the traffic signs. Then allow your children to drive the course on their own, obeying the signs. You can hold the “slow” sign or have stuffed animals line up at the pedestrian crossing. Give out stickers as safe driver awards for your children to stick on their cars.

Afterward, read the Scripture verse provided below, then have your kids answer the following “safe driver quiz.” Give out “cooperative driver’s licences” in recognition for passing the test.

Questions for discussion
  • When you see a “stop” sign, what should you do?
  • What should a driver do when they come to a “yield” sign?
  • If two drivers want to drive in the same lane at the same time, how do you decide who gets to go first?
  • What do the words “defer to” or “submit” mean?
  • Who makes up the rules drivers must follow on the road?
  • What happens to drivers if they do not submit to these rules?
  • Who makes the rules we follow in life?
  • What does God think when people don’t follow the rules?
Key concepts

If a driver comes to a “stop” sign, the rules of the road require that they stop. Likewise, if a driver comes to a “yield” sign and sees another car coming down the road, they are required to stop and wait for the other car to go by before entering that roadway. The road signs tell drivers who has the “right-of-way” and who has to wait.

Obeying traffic signs is similar to obeying God’s rules or a parent’s instructions. Obedience is rewarded with blessings, and there may be discipline and pain involved when there is disobedience. For example, the driver of a car stops or “submits” when the road signs tell them to, because the driver knows that if they don’t obey the rules of the road, an accident could happen!

Note: If you live in a larger town or city that has a traffic safety centre, you may prefer to skip this at-home activity and instead take a field trip to learn about vehicle and pedestrian safety.

Relevant Scripture

Romans 13:1 “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.