Life has it’s share of spills

Drama / Role play

Observe how water spills from a glass.

Discussion point: When life “shakes us up,” what’s in our heart will “spill out” in our words; fill your heart with God’s love.

This is another suggestion that can be used to illustrate Luke 6:45.

Begin by showing your children a glass full of warm water and another glass full of hot water. Shake each glass and show how it spills all over the table. Then, explain that each glass represents a person and the water represents what is in that person’s heart. When life shakes us up, what is inside comes out.

Tell your children a story of two different people: one who has good things in their heart (generosity) and one who has bad things in their heart (selfishness). You can be creative and invent your own story, or use this one:

At the playground, Jenny begins to play with an unattended toy shovel. Brandon, who owns the shovel, is feeling selfish. He has a tantrum and yells some mean things at Jenny. Curtis is also at the playground. He sees how upset Jenny is. Curtis has God’s love in his heart and decides to offer to share his toys with Jenny and her friend.

Questions for discussion

Use the following questions to help emphasize the point that we need to make sure that our hearts are full of God’s love so that kind, gentle and respectful words come out of our mouths, even when we are “shaken.”

  • How would it feel to have hot water spilled on you?
  • Would you prefer to have warm water on your hand?
  • What kind of water did Brandon (the first boy in the story) spill?
  • What kind of water do you think Jesus would spill if He were at the playground?
  • What kind of water would you like to spill on others?
  • What could make you feel shaken or ready to spill hot water? (Ideas include being teased, losing at a game, or someone taking something that belongs to them.)
  • Who can help you when you feel hot water boiling up inside of you?

Together with your kids, brain-storm some difficult situations they are sometimes faced with. Imagine these are “real” scenarios, and role-play how you might respond. After each scenario, discuss which responses were appropriate, or how they could be improved.

Refer to the kids talk with God section for prayer examples and have each child choose a prayer that they can use when they are upset or angry.

Relevant Scripture

Luke 6:45 “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.”