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Put away the shopping list! You don’t need exotic or expensive props to reinforce what your children are learning about courtesy. These suggestions will help you create “memorable moments” from materials you have on hand. Choose one or two activities that will fit your schedule.

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  • Communication capers – the cow and the parrot

    Any time, Drama / Role play, Drive time

    Share a knock-knock joke about the interrupting cow, and learn why it’s better to be a parrot, who repeats back information to show they are listening.

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  • Family building project

    Creative crafts

    Build a model house together, earning each building block by speaking in a way that “builds others up.”

    Discussion point: The importance of encouraging others.

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  • Fruity fun

    Fun with food

    Earn fruit for a fruit salad by speaking “words of life.”

    Discussion point: Proverbs 18:21 “The tongue has the power of life… those who love it will eat its fruit.”

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  • Garbage busters

    Science with a twist

    Compare some smelly garbage with “garbage talk,” and some “precious” coins with “precious words.”

    Discussion point: Our words reflect the attitude of our heart – either sinful or pure.

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  • Life has it’s share of spills

    Drama / Role play

    Observe how water spills from a glass.

    Discussion point: When life “shakes us up,” what’s in our heart will “spill out” in our words; fill your heart with God’s love.

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  • Matching words and actions

    Science with a twist

    Play a simple game matching pairs of squares, triangles and circles.

    Discussion point: We need to show love by our actions; loving words should match loving actions.

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  • Pudding fun

    Fun with food

    Have fun squeezing pudding from a bag, then try to put it back in the bag again.

    Discussion point: Angry words can hurt someone, and they’re impossible to take back.

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  • The powerful tongue

    Physical activity

    Examine the truth of James 3:2-12 by watching a fire burn, a rider control a horse, or a rudder control a sailboat.

    Discussion point: We need to keep our tongue under control.

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