The powerful tongue

Physical activity

Examine the truth of James 3:2-12 by watching a fire burn, a rider control a horse, or a rudder control a sailboat.

Discussion point: We need to keep our tongue under control.

Here are a number of activities that help illustrate the power of the tongue, as described in James 3:2-12. As you participate in these activities, talk about how much power our tongues have. Discuss ways that words can be used to encourage and build others up, or to discourage and destroy others.

  • Light a fire in a fireplace or fire pit and observe how quickly the initial flame grows and spreads.
  • Light a candle and carefully supervise your child as you guide them to hold their hand close enough to feel the heat. This is a good way to demonstrate how much pain we can cause others if we let our tongues “burn” out of control.
  • Visit a stable and allow your children to witness first-hand how a rider can control a horse by the bit in its mouth. Alternatively, rent a small sailboat to give your children a hands-on opportunity to feel how a rudder controls the course of the boat.
Relevant Scripture

James 3:2-12.