Take one; take two; take three!

Drama / Role play

Create make-believe scenarios where people speak harshly to your children; practice responding in anger (“take one”), then responding graciously (“take two”).

Goal: Practice gentleness.

Role-playing is fun and can enrich your children’s learning experience. To practice what you have learned about gentleness, create scenarios featuring people speaking harshly to your children. Scenarios that may be familiar to your children might include a grouchy neighbour who sometimes yells at your kids to get off the grass, a bully who breaks a sandcastle or a name caller.

Have your children practice responding to these “attacks” with gentle answers. Try different “takes” acting out what might happen if the child responds inappropriately. In “take one,” for example, your child might respond to an attack with anger. Then, in “take two,” they could show a gentle and calm response.

Have your children watch their own expressions in a hand-held mirror, or record your session with a movie camera for even more entertainment.