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Since most of these suggestions require minimal preparation, try them in the car, at the park or wherever you happen to be - reinforcing the idea that gentleness is important whenever and wherever we are.

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  • A gentleness story personalized

    Drive time

    Tell this story about a beloved stuffed toy that is “injured” through rough play.

    Discussion point: We hurt others through our words or actions, but can’t always see the damage.

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  • Dressing up in God’s clothes

    Drama / Role play

    Choose dress-up clothes that represent the fruit of the Spirit, then role-play scenarios where you respond to provocation according to the traits you are wearing.

    Goal: Practice gentleness.

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  • Gentle heating

    Science with a twist

    Heat salt, then heat chocolate and melt it to a heart shape.

    Discussion point: God’s Spirit softens our hearts with His love, helping us be kind and gentle.

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  • Mr. North Wind

    Any time

    Recall what it’s like to be outside during a winter snow storm, and on a breezy sunny day.

    Discussion point: We need to be gentle, and not like stinging ice crystals.

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  • Sweets for the sweet

    Fun with food

    During your study on gentleness, reward your children’s spontaneous gentleness with small treats. Double the reward if they responded well when provoked.

    Goal: Practice gentleness.

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  • Take one; take two; take three!

    Drama / Role play

    Create make-believe scenarios where people speak harshly to your children; practice responding in anger (“take one”), then responding graciously (“take two”).

    Goal: Practice gentleness.

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  • Take your crew to a petting zoo

    Physical activity

    At the petting zoo, observe how animals are more relaxed when they are handled gently.

    Goal: Practice hands-on gentleness.

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  • Tone and expression matter

    Any time, Drive time

    Repeat phrases to your kids and have them identify both harsh and gentle tones.

    Discussion point: Speak to others in the same gentle way that you like to be spoken to.

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  • Warm fuzzies and cold pricklies

    Getting into nature

    Collect items from nature that are like “warm fuzzies” or “cold pricklies,” then discuss behaviours that match both groups.

    Discussion point: Let’s fill our home with behaviours that are like warm fuzzies.

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