Everyone loves presents: God’s great gift!

Drama / Role play

Gift wrap an empty box to symbolize God’s wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit.

Discussion point: We can pray to receive the Holy Spirit; He grows self-control in us.

Prior to beginning this discussion, wrap up an empty box in attractive gift-wrap. Attach a note that says:

An empty box wrapped with ribbon and care,
This gift is not costly, but precious and rare.
Please do not open it – you’ll find nothing there,
It’s just to remind you, that with one simple prayer
God gives you His Spirit, it’s His gift to share.

Place the gift where it can be admired during your discussion. Use the introductory questions for discussion to introduce the concept of the Holy Spirit as a gift from God.

Questions for discussion
  • Can you think of a special gift someone has given to you?
  • Who gave it to you?
  • Why is it so special?
  • Do you want to hear about an even greater gift that God has waiting for all of us? Read Luke 11:5-13. Explain that the Holy Spirit is God’s special gift to us and that His Spirit can come and live in each of us (John 16:5-16, John 14:15-21).
  • Have your parents ever given you an awful gift like a snake or a rock?
  • When you ask for food, what do your parents give you?
  • Have you ever turned down a gift that someone gave you?
  • What is the “good gift” God offers us?

Close by reading the note on the gift aloud and ask your children if they want to accept God’s gift of the Holy Spirit. If they do, suggest that while you pray, they hold their hands open as though they were about to receive a gift. Pray with them, thanking God for His gift of the Holy Spirit and asking God to fill each of you with the Holy Spirit. Pray specifically for the Holy Spirit to provide self-control. Leave the gift wrapped as a reminder to ask for a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit every day.

Relevant Scripture

Luke 11:5–13    

John 14:15-21

John 16:5-16