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Often we are consumed by the busyness of day-to-day living and we forget to look for opportunities to teach our children God-honouring character traits. These ideas require very little preparation, making it easy for you to share some simple but memorable lessons with your kids. Read over the suggestions at the beginning of your week and choose one or two that will fit your schedule.

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  • Blind courage

    Any time

    Learn a little about guide dogs for the blind.

    Discussion point: We can trust God when we can’t “see” what lies ahead.

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  • Courageous critters

    Getting into nature

    Study the fearless behaviour of the wolverine, the grison and the badger.

    Discussion point: We must resist temptation and ensure we are not an easy target for Satan.

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  • God is my air bag

    Drive time

    Discuss vehicle safety devices like kiddie car seats, seat belts and air bags.

    Discussion point: Even though we can’t see Him, God is always there to protect us.

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  • God is my flashlight

    Drama / Role play

    Teach kids the “fear stopper handshake” to help them overcome fear of the dark.

    Discussion point: Review some “fear stopper” Bible verses.

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  • I wanna hold the hand that holds the world

    Physical activity

    Discuss some fear-inspiring natural events, such as tornadoes or earthquakes.

    Discussion point: Review Scriptures revealing that God controls nature.

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  • Letter from God

    Any time

    Read a pretend letter from God that’s based on the story of Hezekiah.

    Discussion point: God wants us to trust Him, even when we are afraid.

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  • Mashed potato mountains

    Fun with food

    Make “mountains” from mashed potato, dough or sand and act out Scriptures about God’s power over nature.

    Discussion point: God’s strength has no limits; He is able to protect us.

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  • Priceless poppies

    Creative crafts

    Make your own remembrance poppies from coffee filters.

    Discussion point: We honour the courage and sacrifice of military personnel (both past and present).

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  • Rocks and roses

    Science with a twist

    For this object lesson, you’ll fill a transparent vase with flowers, water, rocks and sand.

    Discussion point: God helps us overcome our fears.

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  • Snuff out fear

    Science with a twist

    Light a candle and talk about how scary fires can be.

    Discussion point: Fear is like fire – it can easily get out of control; we can ask God to calm our fear.

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  • Take time to remember

    Drive time

    Point out veterans’ licence plates and discuss the role of those who keep our country and community safe.

    Discussion point: We need to show courage and protect others too.

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  • The gracious hand of God

    Any time, Drive time

    Tell the story of Ezra’s dangerous journey back to Israel and introduce a rhyme that helps kids banish fear.

    Discussion point: Even when we are afraid, God is with us.

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