Kick-off craft

Just as a quilt is soothing and warm, this project will help your children remember to “wrap” their interactions with others in a warm, gentle attitude. For this kick-off craft, your children will earn one small fabric square for each gentle act. How quickly can your kids complete an entire “quilt”?

Make a “gentleness quilt”

  • Begin by helping each of your children cut a rectangular shape from stiff cardboard. A cereal box works well if you use the neutral grey/brown side.
  • Next, help your children draw squares on the cardboard to form a “patchwork quilt.” You can make a more elaborate design if you wish, perhaps including a heart to represent love.
  • Write a memory verse of your choice on the cardboard backing.
  • Sort through your fabric supply or visit a store to find cloth for your quilt. As you choose materials, ask your children to select those that remind them of gentleness. This will likely be fabrics that are soft or silky. Be sure to have them touch some burlap and other scratchy types of cloth, too, so they can feel the difference. Choose a variety of colours and textures so that they can be arranged in a pattern.
  • Next, prepare the small squares of fabric that will be pasted on to the sketch of the quilt. Cut them into the same sizes and shapes that have been drawn on the cardboard.
  • To get the quilt started, allow your children to select one cloth square to paste on the cardboard. During the week, when you see your children being gentle, reward them with a square to add to their quilt. Practice saying the memory verse each time a square is added.
Other ideas

If you are skilled with a sewing machine, you may want to work with your children to make a real quilt they can keep and use for a doll or a stuffed animal.